In 2011, while still in the womb, Emmet Pyatt was diagnosed with multiple heart defects. Many people followed the journey of Emmet and his parents praying for a miracle. Emmet was born and was surrounded by the love of his family during his few shorts hours here on earth. 

The prayers for a miracle were answered in unexpected ways. People encouraged the development of a foundation in memory and in honor of Emmet. Thus, the Emmet Pyatt Foundation was created. 

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About Us
Emmet Pyatt Foundation
Jaysun Pyatt, President 
6715 NE 63rd Street, Suite 444 
Vancouver, WA  98661-1980 
EIN 46-3213181

Board Of Trustees:
Matt Ableidinger, Nicolle Ableidinger, Cristi Little,
Ed Little, Susie Parr, Dana Pyatt, Jaysun
As you serve the Lord, work hard and don't be lazy.
Be excited about serving him!
Be happy because of the hope you have.
Be patient when you have troubles.
Pray all the time.
Share with God's people who need help.
Look for people who need help and
welcome them into your homes.
~ Romans 12:11-13